The Authentify Platform Solution Suite

One Vendor. One Implementation. Multiple Authenticators.

Engage and manage multiple authentication methods, both new and existing solutions, through a common core API.

Authentify Platform Solution Suite

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Introducing the Authentify Platform Solution Suite

Early Warning recognized the need to simplify and unify how authentication is administered to enable greater flexibility and customization of risk mitigation strategies while decreasing the operational inefficiencies that typically accompany individual point solution implementations.

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BankInfoSecurity Podcast - Simplifying and Unifying Authentication

Take a listen to a recent Podcast from BankInfoSecurity on strategies to simplify and unify authentication.

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Mobile Payments

Authenticating Identity, Mobile Accounts and Devices

With the increasing growth and adoption of mobile wallets, technology innovators, bank issuers and payment processors are coming together to provide a seamless and secure mobile payment experience. Mitigating identity, mobile account and device vulnerabilities during the card provisioning process is a collective goal in securing and optimizing this emerging payment channel.

Ensure Interaction with the Right Customer
  • Identify and stop account takeover attempts & fraud
  • Optimize the consumer experience with seamless and secure card provisioning
  • Verify and match identity against MNO data and other banks & issuers
  • Gain visibility of mobile account and device status as well as risk indicators
  • Determine if right consumer’s phone is in an active session
  • Protect against call spoofing attempts during the card provisioning process
  • Reduce call time normally spent authenticating the customer
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Mobile Number Verification

Proactively Improve TCPA Compliance

The ability to verify the accuracy of consumer mobile phone numbers has become essential in order to reduce the potential risk of violating TCPA rules and regulations.

American Banker - TCPA Defining Risk and Compliance Strategies

Aite Group Webinar: Optimizing Outbound Contact Strategies

Mobile Number Verification
Dialing incorrect numbers can result in resource implications and regulatory fines. The challenge is authenticating mobile devices to reduce the probability of dialing a wrong/inactive number. Early Warning's Mobile Number Verification Service:
  • Has access to over 760 million phone numbers in the U.S.
  • Has real-time connectivity to MNOs with over 99% wireless coverage
  • 97% Landline Coverage and 93% VoIP Coverage
  • Tracks change events throughout a consumer’s U.S. telecom transactional life cycle, while other solutions only compare caller-ID or port records
  • Requires only a phone number - other services require contribution of phone numbers, names and addresses
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White Paper: Overcoming TCPA

The Early Warning Mobile Authentifier

The core element fueling and optimizing the suite of
mobile authentication solutions

Created by coupling a consumer’s mobile phone number and device hardware with real-time connectivity to the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), the Early Warning Mobile Identifier serves as a persistent key that can’t be manipulated and stays with the consumer, throughout their entire U.S. mobile lifecycle, regardless of mobile changes.

EWS Mobile Authentifier

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The Early Warning Mobile Authentifier
  • Ensures confidence that you are interacting with the right consumer
  • Leverages real-time connectivity to MNOs
  • Allows for ongoing monitoring and historical auditing of mobile change events within and across MNOs
  • Serves as a persistent identifier that can’t be manipulated and is valid across mobile networks
  • In the Mobile Security Suite, it serves as the foundational layer in mobile device authentication
  • In the Mobile Verification Suite, it verifies the accuracy of mobile numbers in real-time
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Mobile Security Suite

Achieve Out-of-Band Mobile Authentication

Early Warning brings together three critical elements to help organizations solve the mobile authentication challenge. By coupling the consumer’s mobile phone number and device hardware with real-time connectivity to the MNOs, organizations can better ensure they are interacting with the right customer.

The Mobile Security Suite of Solutions Answers Three Distinct Questions
  • Mobile Authentication: Who are you interacting with in real-time?
  • Mobile Status: Has anything changed since the last interaction?
  • Mobile Identity: Is the person authorized on behalf of the mobile account?
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Mobile Call Verification

Integrate accurate mobile network intelligence into the inbound calling process

Early Warning, through its integration with the MNOs, has exclusive access to key data points that allow organizations to verify the accuracy of mobile numbers in real-time - unlike any other solution.

Mobile Call Verification
Gain a higher degree of confidence that the consumer on the phone is the true customer to improve contact center efficiencies and reduce fraud and risk.
  • Identify if calls are being spoofed in order to protect against high-risk transactions including account changes and wire transfers
  • Reduce response times
  • Improve accuracy
  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve operational efficiencies & reduce costs
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