Mobile Number Verification

Proactively Improve TCPA Compliance

The ability to verify the accuracy of consumer mobile phone numbers has become essential in order to reduce the potential risk of violating TCPA rules and regulations.

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The FCC strengthens TCPA to protect consumers
The FCC ruling on June 18th, 2015 addressed two dozen petitions that were seeking clarity on how the FCC enforces the TCPA to strengthen consumer protections against unwanted calls and texts to wireless phones. The rulings, having instantly gone into effect, now:
  • Empowers consumers to say “Stop”
  • Gives the green light for “Do Not Disturb” technology
  • Clarifies that reassigned numbers are not loopholes
  • Provides more specific definition of an autodialer
  • Allows very limited and specific exceptions for urgent circumstances
  • Affirms consumers’ rights to control the calls they receive
The key to ensuring that organizations have the proper consent to call or text a mobile number is validating that the mobile number on file still belongs to the consenting consumer.

Phone Number Recycling

Accurate phone numbers have become a moving target

Beyond the changes to TCPA, the recent surge of fines and settlements can be attributed to how quickly phone numbers are now recycled. In 2011, the FCC reported that 37 million phone numbers are recycled each year. Number recycling can occur for a number or reasons, including when consumers change to a new carrier or shut down landlines. This number has risen considerably with more consumers primarily using a mobile phone. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, as of July 2014, two out of every five U.S. households utilize a wireless phone only. Once a landline is shut down, a mobile provider can pick it up and recycle it in as quickly as 90 days. Adding to the complexity, VoIP numbers can also be transferred to mobile numbers.

Betty Chan-Bauza, vice president of product development, Mobile Solutions, at Early Warning, said, "With The Wall Street Journal reporting that almost 37 million phone numbers are recycled each year, Early Warning recognized the significant challenges faced by organizations to ensure the accuracy of mobile numbers on file. Our Mobile Number Verification Service helps mitigate the risk of incurring fines as penalties escalate."

The Early Warning Difference

Early Warning, with direct connectivity to the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), enables organizations to verify, in real-time, if the mobile number on file matches the last verification with the consumer. Organizations gain the insight to know if the mobile number on file is a match/no-match based on if there have been changes to the account since the last contact with that consumer as well as the network status of the number (deactivated or suspended).

Mobile Number Verification
  • Has access to over 760 million phone numbers in the U.S.
  • Has real-time connectivity to MNOs with over 99% wireless coverage
  • 97% Landline Coverage and 93% VoIP Coverage
  • Tracks change events throughout a consumer’s U.S. telecom transactional life cycle, while other solutions only compare caller-ID or port records
  • Requires only a phone number - other services require contribution of phone numbers, names and addresses
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