Digital Identity Assessment Solutions

Solutions to Open Accounts with Confidence Despite a Faceless Environment

Early Warning leverages mobile network operator data, advancements in out-of-band authentication, collaborative identity verification solutions, and advanced risk scoring to provide digital identity assessment solutions.

Identity Chek® Service leverages current, accurate and detailed data contributed directly from hundreds of financial institutions (FIs) to improve account opening decisions, mitigate fraud losses, reduce operational costs and help institutions with regulatory compliance. Whether FIs are serving new customers or existing ones, in the branch or through digital channels, Early Warning has the solutions to help with your digital identity assessment needs.

New Account Opening Solutions

Optimize account openings while proactively addressing compliance concerns

New Account Fraud
Identity Verification
Positively identifies consumers to determine whether an applicant is presenting their true identity at point of application.

First-party Fraud Score
Predictive, data-driven insight into the potential for fraud loss within nine months of account opening.

Account Default Score
Predictive, analytical score indicating the likelihood of default due to account mismanagement.
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Mobile Network Operator Data

In an omni-channel account onboarding environment, the use of Mobile Network Operator (MNO) data play a key role in authenticating both the person and the device seeking to open a deposit or credit account.

Now, with MNO data from Early Warning, financial institutions can mitigate new account fraud by answering the following questions:
  • Is the phone valid on the mobile network?
  • Has anything changed on the mobile account since the last interaction?
  • Is the person authorized on behalf of the mobile account?

In addition to reducing new account fraud, MNO data and behavioral biometrics can improve the customer experience by authenticating users and devices behind the scenes. Now through the Authentify® Platform Solution Suite, organizations can engage and manage multiple authentication methods, both new and existing solutions, through a common core API. With centralized control and a seamless integration point, authentication capabilities can be administered more efficiently in alignment with the risk of a given transaction.

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