Identity Chek® Service

Open More New Accounts While Reducing Losses

Identity Chek® Service leverages current, accurate and detailed data contributed directly from hundreds of financial institutions (FIs) to improve account opening decisions, mitigate fraud losses, reduce operational costs and help institutions remain compliant. Whether FIs are serving new customers or existing ones, in the branch or through digital channels, Identity Chek Service is rapidly becoming the account opening solution of choice.

New Account Scores

New Account Scores optimize account openings while proactively addressing compliance concerns.

New Account Fraud
ID Confidence Score
Gain a higher degree of confidence that a consumer or business is presenting valid identity credentials at the point of account opening.

First-party Fraud Score
Predictive, data-driven insight into the potential for fraud loss at the point of onboarding.

Account Default Score
Predictive, analytical score indicating the likelihood of default due to account mismanagement.
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Real-time Identity Chek Service

With Real-time Identity Chek Service, FIs are empowered with a comprehensive, accurate and customizable solution that accelerates customer onboarding.

Real-time Identity Chek Service quickly answers:
  • Is this applicant who they claim to be?
  • Can I do business with the person?
  • Which products and services best meet their needs?

Importance of Quality Data – The National Shared Database℠ Resource contains the most current, accurate and detailed DDA and credit data in the industry, contributed by hundreds of FIs to facilitate a more trusted exchange.

Benefits of Early Warnings's Fraud and
Account Abuse Data:
  • Delineates fraud incidents from account mismanagement behavior
  • Reduces ‘false positives’ to improve account opening rates and customer service
  • Differentiates between principal loss and fees with detailed account behavior responses
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Batch Identity Chek Service

Batch Identity Chek Service is a Day 2 solution that enables risk analysts to perform enhanced investigations for more elusive and sophisticated forms of fraud.

  • Screens more than 20 industry compliance lists, hot files and history files
  • Leverages Cross-institution Velocity to identify multiple account openings at a variety of FIs, helping to reduce cross-industry fraud
  • Leverages collaborative database of Shared Fraud Records, includes Fraud Incident Records and Fraud Victim Records - contributed daily
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  • Detects activity indicative of Account Takeover fraud
  • Customizable to an FI’s risk tolerance
  • Frequent updates including system releases and data table enhancements
  • Provides a suite of reports and offers a Workflow Management tool

Identity Chek Service Alerts

Identity Chek Service Alerts is a solution for Identity Protection providers which can be used to generate alerts to notify subscribers of questionable activity occurring within their deposit accounts.

Notifications can be triggered by:
  • New deposit account applications
  • New deposit account opened
  • Any changes made to a deposit account holder’s personal information
  • New signers added to account
  • Processing of a new credit card account application
  • A new credit card account contribution
  • An inquiry processed through Portfolio MonitoringSMService
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Account Locator and
Asset Search and VerificationSM Services

Providing Efficiencies and Compliance Safeguards for Asset Inquiries

Early Warning’s Account Locator (ALOC) and Asset Search and Verification (ASVSM) services were created to help locate accounts, verify consumer assets and determine deposit account status. ALOC can be utilized to efficiently find where consumers have established bank account relationships. Once the appropriate financial service organization (FSO) has been identified, ASV can help in identifying relevant assets.Early Warning’s Asset Search and Verification Service was developed specifically to ease the burden placed on FSOs while helping to fight fraud in government payment programs.

ALOC Benefits:
  • Identifies the existence of accounts associated with government benefit program applicants.
ASV Benefits:
  • Provides a more secure, faster, cost-effective and efficient way for FSOs to respond to asset inquires;
  • Accurately verifies account information claimed on government assistance paperwork;
  • Identifies accounts that may be misrepresented or not disclosed at all;
  • Ensures FSOs maintain control over their customer data; and
  • Improves customer experience by expediting deposit of funds.
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