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Early Warning's industry-leading payment solutions serve to mitigate fraud with advance notification of
high-risk payments from all channels.

Payment Chek® Service

Leverage Collaborative Bank Data to Enhance Payables and Receivables.




Payment Chek Service, available in Real-time as well as a Day 2 Batch option, is the first and only technology to utilize industry contributed account data to support payment enrollments – whether check, ACH or wire and identify potentially high-risk payments made from checking accounts.

Real-time Payment Chek Service with Account Owner Authentication leverages the collaborative intelligence of the National Shared Database Resource to authenticate Demand Deposit Accounts (DDA) ownership, account signatory, and account status – providing inquiry responses in real-time. Now, merchants and billers can mitigate insufficient funds (NSF), reduce administrative and unauthorized ACH returns and account takeover fraud, while reducing costs and better enabling a positive customer experience.

NACHA Announces Early Warning as its Preferred Partner for Account Validation Services
NACHA’s Preferred Partner program identifies leading providers and innovators that work with NACHA to advocate for and educate the industry on technology and best practices in support of the ACH Network and ACH payments. Early Warning was selected as the first Preferred Partner for its account validation service, now available to merchant and billers via Chase Commerce Solutions, GIACT Systems and Wells Fargo Treasury Services.

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Account Owner Authentication (AOA)
for Government

Proactive Solution to Combat Tax Refund Fraud

In addition to mitigating payment fraud for commercial businesses, Early Warning is also helping tax agencies to confirm taxpayer identities and deposit account information do, in fact, match before tax refunds are paid out. The service, known as Account Owner Authentication (AOA) for Government, is powered by the National Shared Database Resource, the industry’s most current and accurate cross-bank resource.

AOA for Government solution suite includes:
  • AOA for Government
  • Account Status for Government
  • AOA plus Account Status for Government
  • Quickly validate a deposit account’s existence
  • Assess the risk associated with processing the refund
  • Report whether the taxpayer's name, address, Social Security number and other elements match the deposit account in real-time
  • Confirm that the taxpayer is the authorized owner or signor of the account
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