Real-Time Payments Solutions Suite

The ZelleSM Network

We are revolutionizing the faster payments landscape by combining our deep experience in authentication and fraud prevention with the largest financial institution-delivered digital payments network in the U.S.

The ZelleSM network is open to all financial institutions nationwide and provides instant fund transfers and immediate funds availability. It encompasses solutions for multiple real-time use cases, including person-to-person (P2P) payments, disbursements for businesses and government entities, check deposits and bill payments.

Person-to-Person Payments (P2P)

Enable P2P Payments Directly From One Bank Account to Another

Leveraging our extensive clearXchangeSM network, our real-time P2P solution enables your customers to send money directly from one deposit account to another, using only the recipient’s email address or mobile number. Funds are made available for use by the recipient immediately.

Corporate and Government Disbursements

Enable Secure and Convenient Digital Disbursements to Consumers

Leveraging our clearXchange network, we enable your corporate and government customers to instantly disburse funds to consumers without requiring sensitive account information.

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Deposit Chek® Direct Service

Provide Immediate Funds Availability When Checks are Deposited or Cashed In-Branch

Deposit Chek Direct Service provides immediate funds availability to individual and small business customers making check deposits or cashing checks at in-branch and remote deposit capture points, including ATM and mobile channels.

The solution connects FIs immediately to allow depositing and paying banks to share information in real-time and provide a real-time funds guarantee. This is also being developed for ACH deposits, such as opening a new account or transferring between accounts.

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Bill Pay

Enable Consumers and Businesses to See Payments Applied in Real-time

This solution enables real-time payment of bills issued by FIs, such as payments for mortgages and credit cards. Consumers benefit from transparency since funds are removed from a checking account in real-time, and payment is recognized by the biller immediately. Consumers gain immediate availability to credit when paying credit cards, allowing them to make additional purchases if desired.

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