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Identity Chek® Service - New Account Scores

Open More Accounts with Confidence

Better detect synthetic identities and determine the likelihood of first-party fraud or account mismanagement – all in real-time.

New Account Application

A customer submits a new account application via the branch, online, mobile or contact center channel.


ID Confidence Score

Early Warning determines likelihood customer is who they say they are by leveraging our industry-leading bank data.

  • Determine likelihood of a valid identity in real-time
  • Match applicant’s SSN/ name/ date-of-birth directly with Social Security Administration
  • Better detect synthetic and manipulated identities
  • Enhance your CIP and KYC initiatives


First-party Fraud Score

Early Warning predicts likelihood customer will default due to first-party fraud in first nine months of account opening.

  • Leverage predictive intelligence to better understand customer behavior
  • Reduce new account fraud losses
Account Default Score

Early Warning predicts likelihood customer will default due to account mismanagement in first nine months of account opening.

  • Open more accounts with predictive intelligence versus binary (yes/no) input
  • Tailor applicant’s privileges to align with your risk threshold
  • Better support financial inclusion

  • Leverage real-time, predictive analytics that enables better-informed decisions
  • Match/verify applicant SNN with the ultimate source of truth – the Social Security Administration
  • Include more customers in the mainstream financial system while managing risk tolerance to potentially increase revenue
  • Enhance your CIP and KYC initiatives
  • Faster decisions and reduced friction translates to a better customer experience


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