Early Warning is a nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency that complies with applicable Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulations. Financial institutions provide information to us about checking and savings account history and activity. We support consumers' rights to dispute and correct inaccurate or incomplete information furnished to Early Warning in accordance with the FCRA. To request your free consumer report, please complete our Identification Form or contact us at 1.800.745.1560 for more information.

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Early Warning's Consumer Services department provides interpretation services for over 160 languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for Requesting
Your Consumer Report

Download Verification Form

To begin the process of requesting your consumer report, please download and complete the Identification Form above, print, sign and return it with a copy of your government-issued identification.

Failure to observe these requirements could result in a delay in processing your request.

Submit to Early Warning by one of the following methods:

Early Warning
Attn: Consumer Services Department 16552 N. 90th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Fax: 480.656.6850

To communicate electronically with us, via our secure communication portal, go to consumerservices.earlywarning.com. When prompted for the Early Warning email address, enter consumerservices@earlywarning.com. Follow the online instructions to create your User ID and password and upload the documents to be transmitted to Early Warning. If you need technical assistance with the our secure communication portal please call 1.877.639.4457.

Our secure communication portal is solely for sending/receiving documents, with sensitive personal information, to Early Warning Consumer Services. The portal is not monitored for questions/comments. If you have a question/comment about your consumer report, please call us at 1.800.745.1560.


Below are documents that you might find to be helpful to support you through the process.

Consumer Report
Dispute Checklist
Summary of Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Identity Theft & Online Fraud
Prevention Resources

Every day, criminals are finding new ways to target consumers for identity theft, check fraud, online fraud through email and Internet scams, and more.

Here are some of the resources available that provide consumer information and education to help protect you from becoming a victim of fraud:

Avoid Credit Repair Scams

You should exercise extreme caution if you are considering using a credit repair company. There are many steps you can take to repair your credit on your own, at no cost. The Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) and many state laws prohibit credit repair companies from misrepresenting what they can do for consumers and from charging consumers before they have performed agreed-upon services.
Visit the FTC’s Credit Repair Scam website to learn more.

Early Warning supports consumers’ rights to dispute and correct inaccurate or incomplete information that has been furnished to Early Warning in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). You may contact Early Warning to obtain a free copy of your consumer report. You may dispute information you believe to be inaccurate or incomplete free of charge. Early Warning will never charge you a fee to obtain a copy of your consumer report, conduct an investigation of disputed information or remove inaccurate information from your report.

Avoid Debt Collection Scams

Early Warning does not collect debts on behalf of creditors or debt collection companies. If you are contacted by a debt collection company claiming to collect debts on behalf of Early Warning, be aware that the request is not legitimate.
Visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website to learn more about debt collection scams.