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Deposit Chek® Service





Verify Deposits and Expedite Funds Availability

Don’t keep them waiting. Verify that the checks your customers are depositing, regardless of channel, are valid in real-time.

Customer Deposits a Check

Customer places a check deposit through ATM, teller, or mobile channel.

Bank Inquiry

The receiving bank inquires Early Warning’s database in real-time seeking information on the deposited item to determine its risk profile.

Early Warning Response

Early Warning responds with insight on the account status, type of account, account owner, and the potential risk of accepting the incoming deposited item to assist in determining whether to accept or decline the transaction.


Our Deposit Chek Service solution helps you to answer the following questions in real-time:

  • Does the payer’s account exist? …and is it in good standing?
  • Is the account in a closed, NSF or other high-risk status?
  • Has a stop-payment been placed on the item?
  • What is the likelihood of the item being returned?
  • Is the item a potential duplicate?

Deposit Chek Service also helps you:

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Reduce losses associated with “high-risk” deposits
  • Decrease average hold times
  • Detect counterfeit and duplicate items

Fast, Safe and Easy Interactions

Couple our Deposit Chek Service with our identity solutions to enable fast, safe and easy customer interactions. Our identity solutions enable accounts to be opened with more confidence and mitigate fraud at the front door.

Let’s talk about how Deposit Chek Service can work for you.

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